Diego Alberto Diaz (D.A. Diaz), is an artist and art educator from Eagle Pass, Tx.  

Using Printmaking as his media of choice, Diego is a story teller by heart.  His images depict stories that happen around him, be it with an added dose of sci-fi / fantasy.  His role as an artist in society  is one of historian, depicting events in his hometown.

Diego is very active in the non-profit sector with his program, The Art Trike (@arttrike830), where he was retrofitted a vendor's tricycle to include everything needed to teach Art on the streets of Eagle Pass.  He is also a member of the local Non-Profit, Eagle Pass Digital Arts Society (@eaglepassdas), where he joins other local artist to cultivate the Arts and artist opportunities in his hometown.


Printmaking is the medium of the people.  Low cost to make, lost cost to buy.  Being able to share my artwork with as many people possible is why I love printmaking.   It lends itself to story telling, and allows a single message spread further and faster than a painting could.  Click here to see my latest series, or select a category from the "Art" drop down menu about.

Art Trike 830

As much as I enjoy making art, I also enjoy watching others make art.  It has been a mission of mine to teach and foster the Arts in my hometown of Eagle Pass, Tx.  The Art Trike is an art lab on wheels, and together with other like minded individuals, we are working on cultivating the Arts.  Click here to learn more about the trike.

Other Projects

 On occasion, I take on other projects such as murals.  I am not a dedicated muralist, nor do I have the experience to call myself one, but I enjoy the freedom a giant wall offers.  Contact me if you have a wall that needs some color.  Click here to see what kind of projects I get into.

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